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Friday's Crime Prevention Tips - Homes Adjacent to Bike Paths and Paseos

Fridays Crime Prevention Tip - RE: Homes adjacent to bike paths, paseos and riverbeds.

It's no surprise that most home burglaries point of entry is from the back yard. Having a home adjacent to a bike path, paseo or a wash, makes it much easier for a criminal to enter a property without being seen. A few simple steps can be taken to help decrease the chance of becoming a victim.

Increase the height of the back fence if possible

Add landscape such as roses or bougainvilleas to prevent access

A large dog is always the great deterrent

Add a motion spotlight - recording device to the rear of the property

These are just a few recommendations. For a more complete analysis of your home, The Heroes Team will provide a free comprehensive property report OR join our newsletter for more weekly crime prevention tips from our web page.

John Catalano is a retired Veteran of Law Enforcement and is the Owner - Operator of the Heroes Real Estate Program. Our team has been Helping Heroes with all their real estate needs since 2007. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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