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Crime Prevention Tips: Homes Adjacent to Bike Paths, Paseos & Riverbeds

It's no suprise that most home burglaries point of entry is from the back yard. Having a home adjacent to a bike path, paseo or a wash, makes it much easier for a criminal to enter a property without being seen. A few simple steps can be taken to help decrease the chance of becoming a victim.

  • Increase the height of the back fence if possible

  • Add landscape such as roses or bougainvillea's to prevent access

  • A large dog is always the great deterrent

  • Add a motion spotlight - recording device to the rear of the property

These are just a few recommendations. For a more complete analysis of your home, The Heroes Team will provide a free comprehensive property report OR join our newsletter for more weekly crime prevention tips from our web page.

The Heroes Team will give you a FREE home analysis of your property with crime prevention recommendations to help reduce your chances of becoming a victim. Contact us to set us this complementary service. You can also sign up for our newsletter that include real estate updates and addition crime prevention tips. Sign Up Here

John Catalano is the Owner - Operator of the Heroes Real Estate Program. A retired Veteran of the LAPD who specialized in working closely with the residential and business community to help them reduce crimes.


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