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Crime Prevention Tips -

Friday Crime Prevention Tips From The Heroes Real Estate Team -

Prevent the theft of your vehicle license tabs - Score marks on the tab so if someone tries to peal it off, only a small portion will come off and NOT the entire tab.

The theft of these tabs are very common and most times you are unaware it's even missing until you're pulled over for the violation. Bad guys take these to sell or place on their own personal unregistered vehicle.

This new "Crime Prevention " feature will be updated each Friday to help prevent crimes over the weekend. Contact us direct with any questions or concerns. Sign up for our newsletter.

The Heroes Team helps homeowner's improve quality of life issues around the home as well as helping homeowners increase property values.

John Catalano is the Owner - Operator of the HEROES Real Estate Program. We have been helping clients buy and sell real estate since 2007. As a retired Police Officer who specialized in helping residents and business owners reduce crime, our team continues this same commitment of helping others while providing a value added service of improving property safety and values.


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